Your adventure is about to begin!
Staging & Engaging & Selling Experience.

Multi-platform concept combining art exhibitions, live performances and digital experiments.

Memorable encounter.
Visionaer world of experimental engagements in cinematic settings.

* V - stands for the 5th Fatal Show and V - spelled as "we" & "we are fatal"
Double your momentum!
Immersion / Active
Absorption / Passive
Engaging on an emotional, physical, intellectual or even spiritual level.

Passive Participation. Visitors don't affect the performance. Shadows.

Active Participation. Play key roles in creating the performance or event that yields in the experience.

Encourage breakthrough thinking.

* In the realism of senses how far do you willing to go?
Terrence Malick
Knight of Cups
Della: You don't want love, you want a love experience.
Karen: No one cares about reality anymore.
Rick: All those years, living the live of someone I didn't even know.
Della: Let's live like nobody has done it before... wicked.
Della: We're not leading the lives we are meant for... we're meant for something else.
Helen: Dreams are nice, but you can't live in them.

* Knowing nothing and given no script, just a card with an inspirational phrase.

Femme Fatale
Discover, magnify and glorify FemmeFatale's beauty and radiance.
Fascination by their mystery, feminine grace, provoking sexuality and raw energy.

* Empowering women!


Retrospective 2011-2021. Catalog
Femme Fatale Book & Box
Photography & Txts. Diaries & Archives.
Videos & Moving Images & Reworked
Collages & Experiments.

Recreation of a fictional artist's space & studio workplace. Studio.
* Emotional Truth. ** Schein and Sein.

Digital Cyber Walls.
Projections. Screens.
Framed prints and posters.
Envelopes. Polaroids. Postcards.
Disposable cameras.

Live object
Digital SynergyWalls
Designed cyber street-walls and stands and displays made of photography, txt, graffiti, TV-screens, projections, lightning.
Bursa Case *

Customers can view, hear, touch and act!

* Synergy in progress through active involvement from guests and invited artists.
Magic is a dream
Magic & Visual Illussions
Magicians & Tricks. Illusionists & Alchemy

The magician takes the ordinary something and makes it into something extraordinary

Adrenalin Rush & Excitement.

* Brain activity stimulation and body's biochemistry modification.

in Progress
Synergy through Kinetic and Futuristic approach.
Constant movement and modifications of art objects, set-design, lights and shadows, temperature.

The moment transit into liquid and relative flow.

* Diaghilev's Russian Seasons in Paris.
Russian Avantgarde. Весна Священная
Лучистость. Всячество.
Бег - это Бог. Маяковский

** Synergy happens when two or more independent things combine into a whole that's greater than the sum of its parts. The combination creates a power or effect that surpasses what the individual elements could achieve separately.
LiveStreams via several Live-TV filming teams.
Personalized experience options.

Worldwide streaming / audience.

* Zoom in / out!

Ai-Journey in a form of tangible interactions and visual triggers through the prism of user-generated content.

Photographs are evaluated by the first ever ai Art Gallery Curator. #hashtags
Powered by EveryPixel

* Involvement of visitors to participate and let their images checked by the ai-Curator.
AirDrop Gallery
Sharing exclusive Gallery-Content only through contactless & *safe AirDrop.

Guests can drop and share their images to be shown on a separate screens during the actual exhibition.

+ Airdrop digital Cross-Flirting through random image messaging among guests.
Abrupt interruptions during the show: sounds, lights, wind, voices, sirens. Art is hacked. SMS. Alert signals.

Break!ing & Fake news.

* Conspiracies. Deep State. Global warming.
Flowers / death. Expiration.

Live-Performance of destroying a 5G Tower Sculpture.

No!Access Room
Irresistible to get in. Expectations fuel imagination.
* Got milk? Absence.

Exclusive and unique gallery-object inside with expiration limitation within the show. Live-performance.

Bouncer at the entrance.
Instagram Blue Star / More than 1 000 000 followers.
Futuristic CyberBar.
Flirting & Magic.

Immersive & Cinematic love experience.

* Illusions and Alchemy.
Tattoo Saloon
Live performance of getting a tattoo.
Art-piece creation in progress.

* Stays Forever!
Transition from Fatal 3. Sonya
Staged stream-show.

* BMW Partner
Kinetic ART
3D & Dyson
Live 3D Printing in progress of creating: Eve & Adam
* Run & Runa

Female Statutes made of Wax or Ice. Each Dyson Fan labeled after current world-eco-problem.

Installations +
Designed and staged Photo Booth. Fake images.
Designed and staged Telephone-Booth. Talk to a stranger.

Dyson. Staubsauger Sex life. * Playtronica.

Broken Heart Corner.
Live-Stream. Cyber Fashion Show Catwalk / Lingerie.
Vitrines. Items become Art pieces.

DigitalWall with Fake Fashion Covers and Tag-Lines.

* Damir Doma. David Koma. Sante D'Orazio.

Guitar Solo (Dadonov)
Drums (Viktor)
MubertMubert (Spotify) Ai

Original Stage Sound Design
Boiler Room Vibe
Lot Radio 24/7