the guests become the protagonists of the commercial / movie trailer, where the parking space becomes the theater of events, and the car is a guide to the fantasy world and a tool for experiencing impressions on an emotional and physical level.

as the car moves through the parking lot, the action unfolds, divided into thematic and interactive blocks (stages) with different content and plots.


parking is divided into three main parts:

1. intro

car showroom
auto cinema
drive-in bar

2. stages / immersive

parking road trip
experiencing stages

3. lounge

installation - scratch
relax zone


guests enter the parking lot, which is designed as a secret - underground car dealership.

the auto cinema broadcasts trailers and videos according the the chosen theme of the event

through visuals inspire guests for the upcoming experience.

a cyber punk interpretation of the roller-skate barmaids
for drinks & snacks delivery.


in the second part, cars pick up guests from the car dealership.
* Before getting into the car, guests undergo an alcohol test, for the content of alcohol, which they drank at the bar.

drivers are curators and assistants of your experience / trip. it can be both media, recognisable persons or actors, with different scenarios and models of behavior, stylisation of images.

drivers can communicate with passengers, ask leading questions, and depending on the answers, the parking route and the experience of guests change.

* it can also be completely silent drivers who exclusively perform the role of transporting guests around the parking lot.

* auto radio. a prepared recording, a program that accompanies the trip. gta like.


external and camera registrars inside the cabin record what is happening with the characters.

as a result: edited video clip ~ 1 minute for share +

the use of all the filling and interactivity of modern machines influencing the feeling of the participants. light, illumination, smells, temperature, vibrations, movement. audio video.


at the final stage of your journey, you find yourself in a parking lot, which is stylised as a gallery of a single object.

* it can be a bmw competitor car that you can scratch with a key or a nail.

bar + relaxation area to digest the emotional experience


Известный арт и фешн-фотограф, и один из кураторов Рихтера, Юрий Тресков готовит к выходу персональную книгу Femme Fatale Book - серию фотографий, снятых в отелях Нью-Йорка, Лос-Анджелеса, Парижа, Берлина, Монако, Москвы и Санкт-Петербурга, и посвященных женской красоте.

Юрий Тресков родился в 1984 году в Полоцке, вырос в Бресте (Беларусь). В 17 лет переехал в Германию. В 2008 года начал заниматься фотографией в Берлине, в 2010 переехал в Париж, чтобы стать профессиональным фотографом.

Сейчас живет и работает между Нью-Йорком, Лос-Анджелесом, Парижем и Москвой.

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